SAAFoST 2015 SAAFoST 2015
SAAFoST 2015 SAAFoST 2015

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The theme for the 21st SAAFoST International Congress and Exhibition "Growing Food Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future" was chosen because of the concerns both internationally and in Africa of how to feed the rapidly growing populations. This presents a huge challenge to the Food Scientist and what a better time to start finding solutions to these concerns than at this Congress.

Abstract Topics

The Scientific programme will strive to address global food science and technology issues in the following topics in the plenary sessions, parallel sessions, poster sessions, specialist symposia, workshops and sessions with commercial appeal.

  1. Food Safety and Risk Management.
  2. Food Contaminants and Toxicology.
  3. Food Quality and Shelf Life.
  4. Sensory and Consumer Sciences.
  5. Novel Food Ingredients and Additives.
  6. Food, Nutrition, Diet and Well-being.
  7. Key Consumer and Market Trends in Food Science and Technology.
  8. Product Development/New Products.
  9. Functional Ingredients and Foods.
  10. Ethnic Foods.
  11. Food Chemistry and Analysis.
  12. Food Security and Sustainability.
  13. Nanotechnology, Food Structure and Food Systems.
  14. Technology Transfer.
  15. Biofortification and Bioavailability.
  16. Innovations in Food Processing Technologies and Engineering.
  17. Food Legislation and its impact on the Food Industry.
  18. Advances in Food Packaging.
  19. Water Quality and Safety.
  20. Waste Management and Environmental Sustainability.
  21. Food Biotechnology.